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Reason to Go Solar #1:

Solar can save you month on your electric bills

The ability to completely eliminate or significantly reduce your electric bill is one of the biggest draws toward solar. A $100 monthly electric bill will quickly snowball into a $1,200 annual expense. Multiply that by 20 years and you’ve effectively paid $24,000 for electricity, and that doesn’t even include inflation and rate increases. Purchasing solar panels for your home can eradicate the stress of paying an expensive energy bill each month, which means more money for you to spend on things that you love.

Savings vary from home to home depending on a number of factors. For example, a home that receives more direct sunlight will produce more usable electricity. Other factors include how much electricity is consumed by your home on a monthly basis. Heavy consumers of electricity will need an efficient system and plenty of sunlight to completely eliminate their monthly bill.

Since your savings are directionally proportional to the cost that you would otherwise accrue paying an electricity bill, living in an area with expensive electricity prices will see even higher savings. Keep in mind that electricity prices fluctuate and rise over the years, so after 25 years of owning solar panels, you’ll see your savings grow correspondingly.

The benefits of solar transcend its economic benefits. Fluctuating electricity prices and differences in monthly usage make budgeting difficult. With a solar panel system, you can fix your usage and costs, making your monthly payments more predictable. This may be especially appealing to business owners who are heavily invested in their operations and cannot afford the unpredictability of fluctuating utility bills. Individuals with fixed incomes will similarly benefit from more routine payments.

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